Coming from a family where good food, lively conversation and planning fun adventures is still on the menu, I’m inspired to enjoy what life has to offer. This give-and-take is a big part of what drives my passion for real estate – sharing the unexpected excitement of change and adventure in peoples’ lives. Helping them navigate towards the next enriching chapter of their lives in a new home is hugely satisfying.

CookingAt home, I love cooking creative meals for family and friends. I do it just about every night – with an ever-changing mix of ingredients and conversation it’s a wonderful way to relax. We are so lucky to be surrounded by a stunning assortment of wonderful foods. Can you imagine seeing anything anywhere else like Berkeley Bowl, Monterey Market or the many Farmer’s Markets  – and open all year ’round? Just take fresh local ingredients, add a pinch of your own personality, and voilà! It’s a memorable evening for all.

Music has been a part of my life since back at Berkeley High, when the clarinet player and I skipped out on Brahms Fourth Symphony at intermission, to catch the Stones in San Jose on their first tour. I then promptly traded in my upright string bass for that Fender electric. The rest is rock ‘n’ roll history–and the beat goes on.

MusicI have been fortunate to travel to many special places around the world with my family. From Saigon to Seville, from Palermo to Petersburg, I’ve delighted in meeting people and discovering foreign cultures, sights, and of course, the food. The last big trip was to India, which was like visiting an alternate universe. Intense, challenging and beautifully rewarding. Next up–Turkey in June!

My other interests include interior design, yoga, hiking, golf, languages, sports, reading, world affairs, movies, gardening and talking with opinionated people.