Temescal is one of North Oakland’s oldest, fastest-changing and most interesting neighborhoods. It’s cultural diversity, artistic flair and magnetism is reminiscent of parts of both the Mission District of San Francisco and Brooklyn, NY. Over the last ten years, Temescal has enjoyed rejuvenation as many young families, priced out of nearby Rockridge, purchased homes here. As they became part of a growing local community they created a demand for local goods and services that catered to their tastes and lifestyles.

There are numerous fun and excellent cafes and restaurants offering a wide choice of styles and taste: from Mexican to Korean to Ethiopian to Italian to American (whatever that is!)–and that’s just for starters. Locals also enjoy the interesting shops and services in Temescal—as well as the central location. With everything that Oakland and Berkeley has to offer just minutes away, Temescal is in many ways at the hub of a new cosmopolitan center. Freeway and BART access is a breeze, with two stations (MacArthur and Rockridge) and Highway 24 nearby, so travel throughout the Bay Area is convenient.

Every Sunday there is the thriving Temescal farmers market, located at the DMV parking lot on Claremont Avenue. Here you will find folks from near and far gathering to sample and take home the freshest organic produce and food items from nearby northern California farms and kitchens. It’s a weekly event held all year long.

Most of the houses are bungalows or cottages from the 1920’s, with some even older Victorians. You will also see some apartment buildings, newer and older, mixed in. There are also recently-built condos, which add a modern urban feel to the area. The area is centered on Telegraph Avenue, running from MacArthur Boulevard to the south and 55th Street to the north. Broadway and Shattuck Avenue are generally considered the east and west borders Temescal.