Thousand Oaks is one of Berkeley’s loveliest residential neighborhoods. Located near Solano Avenue,  it is bordered by Marin and Arlington Avenues, Albany and Kensington. Thousand Oaks offers what many buyers are looking for: a quiet, mature and gracious community with terrific shopping, restaurants, cafes and entertainment only a few blocks away.

The homes vary from sweet, moderate California bungalows to larger Mediterranean, Tudor, Colonial  and traditional residences. Mostly built before and shortly after WWII, many homes in Thousand Oaks offer the style, character and craftsmanship of the 1920’s through the early 50’s. As this area winds up the Berkeley foothills, you will discover homes with SF Bay views, and prominent granite outcroppings which have been incorporated into the landscaping of private gardens, as well as in several small public parks. There is certainly an abundance of character and tranquility to discover in this coveted neighborhood.

Solano Avenue is one of Berkeley and Albany’s primary shopping districts, with over a mile of exciting retail shops, services and fabulous eateries to visit. Just south, in Northbrae and North Berkeley, are the fabulous foodie heavens: Monterey Market , the Cheese Board, Chez Panisse and much, much more. There are also two smaller clusters of shops on the northern edge of Thousand Oaks, across the county line in Kensington on Arlington Avenue and on Colusa Avenue.

Here are all the current listings for available homes in Berkeley’s Thousand Oaks neighborhood.