The neighborhoods of West Berkeley cover a wide and diverse area. These communities lie more or less between Sacramento Street and Bayshore Freeway (880), with Oakland to the south and Albany at the north. Here you will find most moderate and smaller homes, with some lofts and condos, in mostly residential area. Yet,  all are near unique shops, restaurants and transportation, making this part of Berkeley a draw on its own.

Berkeley's Fourth StreetThe Westbrae District is centered along Gilman Street, running between Hopkins and Marin down to San Pablo Avenue. On Gilman there is a nice little shopping area with cafes, a market, bakery and the venerable Lalime’s restaurant, still fine dining favorite.

The North Berkeley BART area, starts at Sacramento and runs west to San Pablo, bordered to the south and north by University Avenue and Cedar Streets. This is a residential area, which remains quite popular given the proximity to BART and all the nearby shopping.

Berkeley BowlOceanview is home to some of Berkeley’s first settlements and offers a comfortable mix of residential and commercial life. Located west of San Pablo, between University and the Albany border, it is now a thriving area centered around the dynamic Fourth Street shopping district—which is a Bay Area destination in its own right. Here you will find many fine shops, markets, cafes and restaurants to frequent.

South Berkeley (also called West Berkeley) is enjoying an exciting renaissance. The shops and restaurants around the corner of Dwight Way and San Pablo Avenue are busy and are supported by the local arts community, as well as the Berkeley as a whole. The recently open Berkeley Bowl West, a food emporium unlike any other,  is now serving as an “anchor’ to the area, which is also a mix of residential and commercial life.

Housing is also diverse in West Berkeley: from Victorians, to craftsman bungalows, to war-time cottages, to warehouse loft conversion, to work/live spaces – there’s something for everybody. The community spirit runs high in the exciting and creative west side of Berkeley.