With a history of land barons, huge estates and turn-of-the-century grandeur—brought to this special region by men of big dreams and big fortunes—Piedmont remains one of the most desirable residential locations in Northern California today. The schools are top-rated, and property values are among the highest in the nation. Despite the opulence of some parts of the city, it has a small town, close knit feel to it, with residents ever striving to improve the community. Each of the schools in the Piedmont Unified School District has been expanded and modernized within the last two decades.

Though Piedmont is primarily a residential area, there is a small commercial district in the Highland Avenue area, which includes banks, gas stations, and business offices. Local people take pride in the Piedmont Community Center and the annual Fourth of July Parade. Already an institution, Mulberry’s Market is Piedmont’s walk-to shopping, snacking and coffee destination.

The City of Piedmont is like an island surrounded by the Oakland neighborhoods of Montclair, Rockridge, Crocker Highlands and Glenview—as well as the shopping and entertainment destinations of Lakeshore, Grand and Piedmont Avenues. There are delightful shops and exciting restaurants galore sprinkled throughout these adjoining areas, as well as in nearby Berkeley, Lafayette, Walnut Creek and, of course, San Francisco.

Central Piedmont embodies the aesthetic of large, regal, estate-like residences. Many of the Bay Area’s classic luxury homes are cited in this part of Piedmont. Gracious living, friendly neighbors, and pride in community involvement are hallmarks of residence. A drive through the neighborhoods of Piedmont delights the eye with one spectacular home after another.

Upper Piedmont has large homes built in the 1950’s and 60’s, with the more sleek modern styles of those periods. Here, the Montclair and Glenview shopping districts are within walking distance. Lower Piedmont has some smaller, though no less lovely, homes from the 1920’s and 30’s, with Arts&Crafts brown shingle, California bungalow and Craftsman styles set along the tree-lined streets. Many folks living here appreciate the convenience of the nearby Oakland amenities of Grand, Lakeshore Avenues and Piedmont Avenues.